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A new frontier is here.  Let us bring the care to YOU!

Be seen.
Be heard.
Be known.

Healthcare is meant to be personal, caring for your health and for YOU.  At WHOLEhealth, we want to know YOU- past just your problems to care for you and yours, like small town docs used to.  No middle men, no 3rd parties that don't belong at the table.  Just you and your healthcare partner, making choices together.
Direct: From us to you.
Primary: Your first stop or call.
Care: Because we do.


You are such an amazing person.  You were a gift to Byron, to me and to his family the weekend he came home from the hospital.  From the moment you walked into the room to meet Byron, he felt at ease.  We all did.  We had complete confidence in you.  Byron looked forward to seeing you. You made him laugh and made sure he had everything he needed.  You hugged him and made sure he was all right, you hugged us too.  We needed you and you were there every step of the way.  Thank you for giving us strength and for taking such good care of him.

Lisa-Spouse of Patient

Thank you for your wonderful care and referral.  They said that you did their job for them with your lab work and medications :)  I feel to be in great hands and wonderful care!


DPC Explained!

Reach out!

PO Box #317
Meriden, Kansas 66512

p: 785.915.1005
f: 785.333.9395

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