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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

DPC removes the middle man-just you and your partner in health.

DPC gives you access to primary care at an affordable rate-the vast majority of your needs can be handled in house.

Instead of three-week wait times and doctors who are 45-minutes late for 5 minutes of interaction, imagine calling your provider who knows you, sees you right away, and spends as much time as necessary to solve the issue. That's Direct Primary Care. That's health care the way it ought to be.

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine strives to determine the root cause of each and every disease, particularly chronic diseases such as autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases, as well as diabetes and obesity.   Rather than simply making a diagnosis and then determining which drugs or surgery will best treat the condition, we dive deep into the patient's history and biochemistry and ask why you may be ill.  Functional medicine is highly personalized and often includes a detailed analysis of an individual’s genetic makeup.

How is WHOLEhealth different?

No more waiting an hour to see the doctor for 10 minutes.
No more time-consuming back and forth calls and voice mails with your doctor.
No more talking to the back of your doctor's head while they type.
No more medication "band-aids" when all you need is someone to listen and ask questions to, a true partner in your health.
We welcome you just as you are, partnering with you to compliment your lifestyle choices to obtain WHOLEhealth.

Do you offer emergency care services?

WHOLEhealth does not replace emergency services.  Please call 911 if you are having severe, life-threatening symptoms.

What kinds of insurance do you accept?

We accept no insurance or Medicare.  Wait! It's a beautiful thing.  This means we can do what is RIGHT for you instead of what we are allowed to do per insurance guidelines.  This lets us focus on the patients instead of the paperwork.  We accept EVERYONE no matter their race, sexual orientation, religious or policial beliefs.

Do I still need insurance?

WHOLEhealth always recommends having coverage for major life events such as cancer, hospital care and obstetrical care.  We can visit about affordable options available to you if you are without insurance and would like coverage.

How do I enroll?

Click the button "ENROLL HERE" at the top of the website and you will be directed to our enrollment page.  We will then e-mail or call to set up your first visit within the next business day.  Plan to spend 45 min- 1.5 hours for your first visit.  No rush here!

Will you really come to my house?

Yes, we really love coming to you!  If you are a member and live in Jefferson County, Kansas you will have 2 free home visits/family/year.  If you live outside of the county, $0.53/mile will be charged along with a $100 home visit fee.

How to I reach Rachel directly?

Once you enroll and become a member, you will receive Rachel's direct e-mail and personal cell phone for calls and texts.  Please know that if the matter isn't urgent, she may not respond immediately as she may be with a patient or focusing on her family.

Are there hidden costs?

No.  After you are enrolled, there are no co-pays or surprise bills.  We will discuss any costs for labs, cytology/pathology or medications with you before we proceed.  Rest in knowing you're paying less for monthly healthcare than most cell phone or cable TV bills.

Do you work under a physician?

We have a collaborative agreement with a physician per Kansas State law.  They are not required to be in-house.  We are able to assess, diagnose, treat and prescribe as a primary care provider for your whole family!

What if I cannot afford a membership or cash pricing to come to WHOLEhealth?

Please call to speak with Rachel directly.  10% of all monies are allotted to those unable to afford medical care.  We believe in accessible, quality healthcare for all.  Bartering is also welcomed!

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