become part of the family

Direct UNLIMITED contact via office visits, phone calls, e-mails and texts.


We understand things happen.  Re-enrollment after a lapse of membership will incur a $200 re-enrollment fee.

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Child Membership

Ages 0-18:


With enrolled adult: $20/month

What's included?

  • Yearly well child checks

  • Sports/back to school physicals

  • Sick visits, strep tests, urinalysis, etc.

  • Urgent visits

  • Laceration repair, minor splinting, foreign body removal, ear-wax removal, wart removal, ingrown toenail removal, etc...

  • 2 home visits/family/year (free in county, $100 out of county + mileage)

Adult Membership

Ages 19-99:


College students/19-26 WITH adult:


Family with 5+ children and enrolled adult?


What's included?

  • Yearly physicals

  • Preventative care

  • Chronic illness management such as hypertension, diabetes, heart failure, etc.

  • Sick and urgent visits

  • Procedures listed below at greatly reduced rates.

  • In-house labs draws and management

  • Flu shots available (wholesale cost)

  • EKGs (if deemed necessary)

  • 2 home visits/family/year (free in county, $100 out of county + mileage)

Elder Membership

Ages 100+:


What's included?

  • All of the previous services PLUS

  • Quality of life maintenance.

  • Unlimited home/nursing home visits or clinic visits.

  • Illness and symptom management.

  • Hospice care, if desired.


Ear Wax Removal

Skin Tag Removal/Cryotherapy for warts

Punch Biopsy of Suspicious Skin Lesions/Pre-cancerous lesions

Skin Lesion Excision

Foreign Body Removal (appropriate for clinic setting)

Toenail Removal

Minor Laceration Repair (up to provider discretion)

Joint Injections/Trigger Point Injections


Members pay a flat fee of $40 for any of the following procedures:

Comprehensive lab work such as CBC, TSH, etc.

PAP test cytology

IUD Insertion/Removal

*IV fluids are available, inquire on cost*

*Ivermectin available*

*Functional medicine lab work is not included in the $40 flat fee but actual costs are passed through to the patient*