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become part of the family

We are a MOBILE Direct Primary Care

We bring our medical practice to your home or office!

CASH or CHECK ONLY paid in 6 month increments

Only have a quick need (UTI, rx refill)?  1 time visit fees are $150-text 785.915.1005

Deeply discounted pricing to keep our overhead low and pass our savings on to you!

Man in Farm

1 Member:
$500/6 months
Includes 1 home visit yearly!

Just need one telehealth visit?  $150 payable via Venmo.


2 Members:
$1000/6 months
Includes 1 home visit per household yearly!

Just need one telehealth visit? $150 payable via Venmo.


3+ Members or Small Business (limit 10 people):
$1500/6 months
*11-20 employees: $3000/6 mo or $6000/year

Includes 1 home/business visit yearly!

Just need one telehealth visit?  $150 payable via Venmo.



Preventative well checks

Well-woman exams

Sports/Back to school physicals

Sick consults via e-mail/text/call

Urgent care consultations

Chronic Illness Management

In home lab draws

EKGs if deemed necessary

Access to WHOLEsale pharmacy pricing

Ear Wax Removal

Skin Tag Removal/Cryotherapy for warts

Punch Biopsy of Suspicious Skin Lesions/Pre-cancerous lesions

Skin Lesion Excision

Toenail Removal

Joint Injections/Trigger Point Injections

Members pay a flat fee of $50 for any of the following procedures:

Comprehensive lab work such as CBC, TSH, etc.

PAP test cytology

*IV fluids are available, inquire on cost*

*Ivermectin available*

*Functional Medicine Labwork is not $50 but cost will be consulted prior to ordering*

Extra visits?  $175 + mileage

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